Could Roberto Luongo Become a Philadelphia Flyer?


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


Toronto and Florida. They just seem too obvious for Roberto Luongo. Chicago is a nice thought, but Vancouver would never deliver the goods to their arch rival, would they? That would be like seeing Calgary ship Jarome Iginla to the West Coast.

(Nobody’s asking the obvious question, though, which is “Vancouver?” That’s for another day, I guess.)

And now, we have Philadelphia. Why is it always Philadelphia?

“Now, interest is a funny thing. For example, I’m interested in sleeping with Scarlett Johansson. Alas, “taste” and “free will” are among her many assets, as they are with Luongo, who wields a no-trade clause,” wrote Yahoo! Sports‘s Greg Wyshynski on Wednesday. “Would Luongo ever agree to a trade with the Philadelphia Flyers?

“At the very least, he’d go a team that assured to be a perennial contender, which is something neither the Florida Panthers nor the Toronto Maple Leafs can claim with confidence.

“Why would the Flyers want Luongo? Obviously because they need a backup goalie.”

Wysh is being a little cheeky with the backup goaltender bit, but it’s obvious that Philadelphia would either send Lou or Ilya Bryzgalov to the bench. Or, they’d wait and see which one of the monster contracts they could buy out next summer when each team gets the chance.

Bryzgalov’s deal is far worse than Luongo’s, and it’s not crazy to imagine the Flyers pulling the ol’ House Flip on the Russian’s contract. He hasn’t played up to the deal, and Luongo is more than capable of honouring his on the ice.

At this point, it’s all premature. Like Wyshynski says, we’re all interested, aren’t we?

I’d be interested in hiring Luongo for my Dad’s birthday party. Doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.

At this point, the Luongo rumour exists with TSN’s James Duthie, and it continues on this website here tonight. But, it does raise a neat though, because Philadelphia would be a far better destination for Luongo than either Toronto or Florida.

If we’re assuming he wants to win a Stanley Cup, that is…