Corey Bohan Can Do More Than Date Audrina Patridge

With the help of Red Bull, Corey Bohan is a pretty cool guy. He’s known to most as the guy Audrian Patridge kept dumping for a douchebag with long hair and army boots, only to end up dating her after the show ended and they didn’t have to keep pretending to be in love with people they weren’t so Lauren Conrad’s dad could make a lot of a money and pay them a little.

Now, Corey Bohan and his show – The Wizard of Aus – are touring the world and tearing up that a*s. Or, we can assume.

In their latest episode, Bohan and his stomach-scraping sponsors are in Huntington Beach. If you’ve never been there, it’s basically a worse version of Australia, but with easier chicks.

Not that it matters for Bohan. ‘Cause, like we said, he was on The Hills. He’s the Jay Cutler of ESPN’s alternative channels.

Of course, Huntington Beach is too easy, so Bohan and The Bull end their journey in Nicaragua.