Colin Kaepernick Just Destroyed the Green Bay Packers


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


Considering his record and his short-lived success, it’s still shocking to hear that not many people have really been able to watch Colin Kaepernick.

They don’t know what he’s about. They don’t know what he brings or what he can offer. It’s no doubt so many people put their faith in Aaron Rodgers prior to Saturday’s matinee, only to see the Green Bay quarterback and his team have it handed to them by Kaepernick’s 181 rushing yards and four total touchdowns. There are too many rookies. Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, and Andrew Luck. Who has time for some loser named Colin Kaepernick?

Well, that might be what the Packers thought, and it might be why they’re golfing.

After 60 minutes, the 49ers escaped their own park running. Candlestick returned to its Eighties ways and Green Bay fell on its own sword. One team rediscovered its history, and the other bowed to their own pride.

Final score: Frisco 45, The Bay 31, and it wasn’t even that close.

The 49ers torched an over-confident Packers team and Kaepernick fist-pumped. spiked, and kiss his own biceps all the way to the endzone. Over. And, over. And, over.

“It’s been amazing,” he said after throttling the league’s greatest-ever franchise. “I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Yeah. Neither could your fans.

Not even the ghost of Vince Lombardi could help the Cheeseheads on Saturday, and they looked bewildered and confused, even when they left halftime tied at 21 apiece.

The Packers suddenly resemble the Steelers team they beat for the Super Bowl in 2011. You can see them leaning on Clay Matthews and their once-dominant receiving corps, completely oblivious to the Niners and their bigger, badder, faster squad.

Aaron Rodgers is confident, yes, but his cockiness is becoming a problem.

Kaepernick is obviously full of it, but he grabbed a win. He’s too young to be told he shouldn’t win. He’s not smart enough to know how impossible what he did tonight is. You want to tell him it shouldn’t have happened, and that Frisco should have folded when faced with the historically up tempo opponent they had, but they wouldn’t have listened.

The Niners are now in the NFC Championship for the second straight year. Only this time, they’re for real.

Green Bay? Well, all of a sudden, 2011 seems like a very long time ago.