Co*k Tease: Julian Wilson Previews His Attempt at Surfing’s First 720

So, yeah. Talk about a co*k tease.

Julian Wilson is attempting to pull off the world’s first-ever 720 on a surf board. Or, he already has attempted it. (If the above video shows the only preview, it doesn’t look like he makes it.)

It’s awesome, but… can we see it? Wilson and Red Bull left for Reunion Point to film Bending Colours, and it’s awesome for two seasons: 1) they spelled “colour” with a “u”; and 2) it’s surfing. Like, it’s the best.

Anyone who’s ever sampled Mahi Mahi in Hawaii or Dolphin Fish in Florida (*HINT: they’re the same thing) will salivate at this video, and potentiall run to the nearest Billabong store to grab a cool trucker hat and a beater.

If not, just enjoy. Or, don’t… because it’s just a trailer.