Chile: South America’s Hipster Pick (World Cup 2014)

Chile - World Cup


World Ranking: 14


They’re the tournaments darlings, or dark-horses, or whatever term suits that slipper. Just knowing that, you’ll give them your votes, because something tells me we all want to find a team like Chile to bet on it – they’re South American but they’re not named Argentina or Brazil, they’re gonna scare the sure-things like Spain, and their best players are named Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez, and Eduardo Vargas – those are the sort of non-English names that just roll of the tongue of any poser fan the way Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez did the same in 2010.

When you look at Chile now, it’s hard not to see Uruguay then.

Also, the Business Insider ranked Group B as the World Cup’s real Group of Death. Well, that doesn’t mean anything, actually. They say a lot.

Has Anthony Bourdain Been Here?

Yup, back when he was on No Reservations.

Mouth-Watering Recipe:

Something called a Cocada.

The Crystal Ball:

I wouldn’t want to buy high on a market bubble, so maybe I should avoid backing the trendy Chileans. Then again, while I was in Hungary last year I met a bunch of cool people from Chile and they gave me a free 2-litre bottle of rum and coke. So I feel like I owe them.

And also, considering the Dutch invented the stock market, maybe that’s a sign I shouldn’t buy high. I wouldn’t want to get burned by a Tulip bubble, after all.

Chile makes it out of the group along with Spain, and then they’ll put a scare into Brazil, too.

A (Goofy) Question:

How brilliant is the Men in Blazers’ invention of Chilombuguay?