Canucks v. Ducks Will Tell You Everything, and Absolutely Nothing


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


Let me just say, I get it. Tonight, when the Vancouver Canucks host Disney’s favourite franchise (except, maybe, the Anaheim Angels), they will likely either rest their starters or their starters will rest on the ice. Nobody wants to be the one who pushes himself too hard in the last games of the season only to find himself watching his teammates come April. Or, I guess, May.

While nobody wants to play hockey without really playing hockey, there isn’t all that much to play for this year.

Last season, the Canucks were trying to wrap up the President’s Trophy. They did, and they bought themselves a first round series with the eventual Stanley Cup champions Los Angeles Kings.

In 2010, Henrik was playing for the Art Ross Trophy. This year, the closest to that piece of personal hardware is Anaheim’s Ryan Getzlaf, and he’s too far back to top the just-revised leaderboard led by Martin St. Louis.


“Ageless Teemu Selanne rests up for playoff drive with Anaheim Ducks” — Vancouver Sun (April 25, 2013)


It should be said that the Ducks are No. 2 in the West and Vancouver is No. 3. It should also be said that you should already know this.

This should potentially give tonight’s game a bit of an aura. You know, a potential second-round series and all, as long as the top three seeds (and the bottom three seeds) fall in line. They’re also playing for a chance to avoid the Blues or the Sharks. The Canucks and the Ducks would much rather face the Wild, I’m sure, even if they say they don’t care (they really do).

Of course, even if the Canucks win out and the Ducks blow it all, Anaheim would still be second. Both teams are locked into 2 and 3. The seedings are set, as far as they’re concerned.

They’re just playing for pride. That’s all they’ll play for tonight.

Actually, then again, maybe tonight will tell you a lot…