Can Janne Makkonen End the NHL Lockout?

Call him the Finnish Fashion. It’s clear he likes Teemu Selanne – and why wouldn’t he? – but he gives more than enough credit and screen time to those bastards from Sweden Swedes like Daniel Alfredsson, the Sedin Twins, and even that Czech prick Czech Republican superstar Jaromir Jagr. Do we really want this to be their last hurrah? Do we really want to lose another year?

Janne Makkonen, a YouTube maestro and editing wunderkind who first rose to semi-relative obscurity (no, really, that’s okay on the Internet) with last year’s video, “Our Way Of Life”, and who splices together the best of CBC’s montages and Sportsnet’s not-used-enough in-game footage, has released his newest tour de force, titled “NHL – Together We Can”.

It’s been out for three days. It’s got, like, 300,000 views. It’s not KONY, but it’s pretty damn viral.

It’s fantastic. It’s hair-raising. It’s better than the best. You have to even wonder whether Makkonen is really Finnish, because his ability of knowing every little moment that matters to Canadians and even Americans is spot-on. His use of Peter Finch’s speech from Network (which is, like, 40x better than Jeff Daniels’s Sorkin-penned, trace-like diatribe from the opening scene of Newsroom) is brilliant, as is his ending jaunt through the best moments of the last 20 years.

Yzerman’s slapshot over Jon Casey’s shoulder. Alex Burrows’s slaying of the Blackhawks. Stanley Cup-winning goals from Jason Arnott, Brett Hull, and Patrick Kane.

It’s all there, and laid bare.

Congratulations, Janne Makkonen, and thank you for finally taking side with the one thing we all really care about: hockey.