Bush, Welker, Amendola, and the Many Moves of Multiple NFL Teams


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


Well… that was a Hell of a way to start free agency.

Fu*k the Pope, because multiple teams were letting the white smoke kaboom out of their chimneys on Wednesday. First, Denver snaked Wes Welker away from Brady and the Patriots, then New England acted like they never needed him. The Pats grabbed Danny Amendola just hours later.

Before free agency started, Mike Wallace fled Pittsburgh for Miami, which would have meant the Steelers are now the second-best team in Pennsylvania for the first time… ever? Well, it would have meant that, but then Philly released cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. Sure, Nnamdi was disappointing, but he’s one big-time stud and the Eagles will miss him more than they’ll enjoy Chip Kelly’s PAC-12-famed system.

It looked like the Dolphins were winning free agency, but then Reggie Bush bolted for Detroit. Bush hasn’t been the guy we dreamt he’d be when he left USC, but his total yards every year are inspiring and he can play the ball in oh, so many ways. Run. Catch. Return. Pass, probably. Bush will re-tool the Lions, and he’ll be a welcome punch for what looks like a three-headed attack of Stafford, Calvin, and himself.

Solid Day 1, America.