‘Broke’ Airs in Canada… on YouTube

Canadians were isolated from the season premiere of Broke, which aired Tuesday night on ESPN as the first in its new season of “30 for 30”.

Well, now Broke is available on YouTube. The Billy Corben-directed film has been largely panned by the sports community, which claims it told them nothing new. Oh, well.

(*Why not include the Latrell Sprewell story? In 2004, Spree turned down a three-year contract worth $21 million and claimed, “I have a family to feed.” Just great.)

Either way, it was a huge success for the network, as far as ratings are concerned. Broke raked in 2.7 million viewers, making it the most-watched “30 for 30” show yet, not including re-runs, of course. That may be the subject, or it may just be the delay between seasons.

Most people miss the “30 for 30” shows the first time, and then watch them on YouTube, TSN, or ESPN after.

Either way, it appears Canadians have yet to catch onto the fact that Broke is on YouTube already. The video shows only 4,020 views and it was uploaded yesterday.

(*Although, that number could easily be in the 50,000 or more range. YouTube’s video counter is slow to react.)

Either way, *9.79 is the next film coming up in the “30 for 30” batting order. It chronicles the 100m gold medal race, won by Ben Johnson but awarded to Carl Lewis. If you don’t know the story, the trailer below should thrill you. It looks like the best one yet.