Brody Jenner’s Life is Made for Instagram

Ryan Sheckler? That guy’s a dangerous baby with a childish dad. Rich Kids of Instagram? Those punks are childish babies without father figures. There are a million fashion bloggers on the app. GoPro and Red Bull are all about California. And, we just can’t get enough of you, Sir, and your amazing burger from that trendy Bogart film-themed restaurant in Portland. (Just kidding. We’ve had enough of you and your food, Instagram Guy.)

Let’s face it. Brody Jenner is the man.

The kid is spoiled rotten, but he genuinely seems to know it. While everyone else in his inner circle seems to waste our time with marriages meant only for television or for their self-conscious hearts, Brody is openly disgusted about it all.

He doesn’t work. He just travels. He likes Canada. He’s into surfing. He bangs hot chicks.


Brody Jenner on Instagram – Web.Stagram


Listen, we don’t want anyone righteous. Do we? We don’t need to see Richard Engel on Instagram, or some more Ernest Hemingway portraits on Pinterest. Flickr has a lot of sunsets, but eventually we go crawling back to the far-too-fortunate folks from People magazine.

Jenner had a reality show called Bromance. It was terrible, but it was awesome. He was the playboy on a reality show that was so shallow, he appeared deep.

Brody Jenner is actually his own empire. He’s just spent the last 10 years convincing you he’s not. He has let you believe you’re right. You think you’re better than him. But, of course, you’re the ones showing us your food, aren’t you?

Brody Jenner is the one true star of Instagram. I suggest you follow him.