Brazil: Home-Cooking, Neymar the National Hope, and Civil Unrest (World Cup 2014)

Brazil - World Cup


World Ranking: 3


You’ve heard of them. You know they’ve won five World Cups. You know about Pele but you’re not sure why he’s still talking. You remember Ronaldo, and for a syllable more you remember Ronaldinho. You were aware of Kaka when he was a thing, and you laughed because it made you think of poop. And you know Neymar now, although you’re not sure how to ask your barber for that haircut. You also know, no matter what the pundits say, that Brazil will always be a threat to win any footballing tournament, whether it’s in Brazil or whether it’s not. But it is in Brazil, this time.

Don’t expect them to be gracious hosts. Don’t expect them to take mercy on their opponents, any more than you’d expect them to take mercy on themselves.

*NOTE: If Brazil tops their group, they’ll get one of the Netherlands, Spain, or Chile in their first elimination game. The hosts may have a layup of a group, but they’re not rewarded for it once they’re out of it.

Has Anthony Bourdain Been Here?


Mouth-Watering Recipe:


Crystal Ball:

Semifinal? That seems fair, right?

How boring would it be to pick them as the winner?

I’m resisting. I’m peacefully resisting.

A (Silly) Question:

Can they sue Australia for style thievery?


  • vs Croatia: Thursday, June 12 (1:00 p.m. PST)
  • vs Mexico: Tuesday, June 17 (12:00 p.m. PST)
  • vs Cameroon: Monday, June 23 (1:00 p.m. PST)

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