Bobby’s Life: Living the Real Thing in Oregon

Oh, you hot weather people. You all think we envy you. Your flamingos on your lawns, your massive and private golf course-based communities, and your outdoor get-togethers with your work friends in the middle December. You think we want your beaches, or your old people, your ridiculous religious faith, or your fevers and sun-caused skin diseases.

But, we just want you to think all that. We love our snow. We love our weather. Our mountains. Our views. Our four-month summers (although, yea, we wouldn’t mind a little more). We like visiting you and soaking up for Caribbean-flavoured drinks and your using your jet skis, but we don’t want to be you.

On that note, here’s one reason we stay up here, even for Christmas: Red Bull and Bobby Brown tearing up Oregon at the 2012 Sammy Carlson Invitational, on Episode 17 of Bobby’s Life.