Blacked Out: The Music of NWA and the L.A. Raiders


NWA - Express Yourself - Youtube Vevo

The Raiders — be it the Los Angeles version of that ugly Oakland one — are linked almost permanently with the rap group NWA. This is partly due to Ice Cube’s documentary of the relationship. It’s also due to pop culture in the early 90’s or, more likely, Los Angeles’s hold as the base of that era’s coolness.

And yet, trademark has to interfere.

The above photo — taken directly from Vevo’s music video for “Express Yourself” — has the Raiders logo all fogged out. Like a pedophile onĀ To Catch a Predator. Or, like Chris Hansen in real life.

But, why?

We all know it’s the Raiders. We all know Cube and Dre love their boys. We get that there are creative licenses here, but… seriously?

This is where the Internet is supposed to win.