BCS 101: Oregon Runs Wild Over Kansas State and Tostitos Logos


by Troy Reuters

Campus Beat Writer, White Cover Magazine


Are you still willing to put any money against Oregon?

Only the Ducks and Notre Dame have yet to suffer a regulation defeat this year and, on Thursday night, Team Nike swiftly took down a very capable Kansas State Wildcats side, 35-17 at the 2013 Fiesta Bowl. Collin Klein looked good. All the Wildcats did, really, and they were in it until the start of the second half.

They were in it even after De’Anthony Thomas returned the opening kick-off for a score and a two-point conversion followed.

12 seconds in, and the Ducks proved quite emphatically just how fast they were. Swiftly, indeed.

On Monday, Alabama will face Notre Dame for the national championship. Because their last games were played about a month ago, it’s clearly up for grabs. It always is. The Crimson Tide should be heavily favoured to win, even if Vegas doesn’t agree. They’re the defending champions, and they’ve won two of the last three BCS finals.

Notre Dame are a bunch of rookies trying to knock Daddy off his throne.

Meanwhile, the Ducks have a Fiesta Bowl to hang off Chip Kelly’s increasingly heavy necklace. They’ve been the best team in 2012, start-to-finish.

It’s just a shame they don’t have the hardware to prove it.


*Also, Ty Burrell beat Eric Stonestreet…