White Cover Magazine Endorses the Oregon Ducks for the BCS Championship

FOX News supports Mitt Romney. Bloomberg has endorsed Barack Obama. And, of course, White Cover Magazine has announced it is supporting the Oregon Ducks for the BCS national championship.

Of course, computers — not logic — will decide whether the Ducks will face the (presumed) No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide in the final game of early 2013. Computers have a very good Kansas State team ranked ahead of a one-time No. 2-ranked Oregon Ducks side, even though the Ducks have actually gotten better since losing that silver slot.


“Oregon jumps Irish for No. 3 in BCS” — ESPN Blogs (Nov. 4, 2012)


Kansas State has impressed. So has (now-fourth-ranked) Notre Dame. It should be noted, however, that these two teams have impressed because their expectations were lower.

Oregon, meanwhile, took over the right-hand mantle after USC fell apart, but haven’t stopped. The Trojans can still ball, but were blown out by the Ducks last weekend, even as Southern California quarterback Matt Barkley threw for nearly 500 yards passing (story: USA Today).

The Ducks’ answer? 62 points and 321 yards rushing from Kenjon Barner. Decent.

Oregon’s first halves are like a German World War re-creation. They’re faster than an Indian motorcycle in 1960.

If the Oregon Ducks win out, there should be no plausible reason for them to settle for anything less than a BCS Championship appearance.

Of course, this is college football… Sense and reason has nothing to do with it.