Barack Obama is the King of Twitter… And, the President

Screw the voters. How many followers do you have?

You don’t even have to watch the DNC speeches to know what was said, or how good it was, unless you read that Michelle Obama’s speech changed the world and then saw it and thought, “Meh. It was just okay.”

All you have to know is this: Barack Obama’s speech on Thursday night peaked at 52,757 tweets per minute, shattering a political posting record that was set only two night prior, when his wife talked about family, and being a Mom, and a bunch of other wonderful stuff that was just wonderful because it was so wonderful.

But, really. 52,000 tweets a minute?

Obama’s almost as popular as Tim Tebow. A night earlier, Bill Clinton – who really did deliver a fantastic, moving, and swaying speech – treated the Internet like it was a blue dress he ejaculated on, and the Democrats tweets hit 9,000,000 total over three days.

“Barack Obama delivered a passionate defense of his record in office, and emphasized the differences between his platform and that of challenge Mitt Romney during his nomination acceptance speech delivered Thursday evening,” reported Mashable.

Obama’s most popular line, the one that delivered the 52,000 earthquake

“I’m no longer just a candidate. I’m the President.”

Soft power, indeed. Tweet.