Arturs Irbe: Is This the Greatest Play of All Time?

What you see above may just be the most amazing play any goaltender has ever made. (The footage is blurry, but it’s from 1994 and nobody knows about it… yet.)

Arturs Irbe of the San Jose Sharks goes into the corner to play the puck, but gets tangled up with the Vancouver Canucks’ tough guy Tim Hunter and his own defenceman. Irbe, of course, punches Hunter in the head. But, the net is left open, so he scrambles to get free because Vancouver’s Nathan Lafayette — infamous for this play from the same seasonĀ — is coming in and has a shot. Once Irbe is free, however, he goes back to give Hunter another shot in the head. With his stick, of course. Then, he slides pad-first into his crease to make the save.

How about it? If any goalie has ever done more in a five-second span, we’d like to see it…