Around the Seawall: Week 2 Stuffs Brady, Romo, and the Saints

Week 1 always has its staples, or its stereotypes. There will be a rookie who shocks you with how good he is. You will most likely sleep through the first quarter of that morning’s early games, because your body is not used to having a reason to wake up on a Sunday, but you’ll lie and tell your friends you saw it all. “Oh yeah, the Dolphins game? All over that, bud…”

A few teams with doubters will rise to the occasion, and early-season Super Bowl favourites will lose and make you question your place on this earth and – even worseyour first pick in that year’s fantasy draft.

Week 2? Well, that’s when it all gets ironed out. Stuff returns to normal. You find those socks stuck to the walls of the dryer. And, Tony Romo once again sucks.

So, what happened today?

There have been some surprises. It’s a long season. There will be more.

But, don’t ever start thinking to yourself, “How could we have seen this coming? Am I the only one surprised?”

You’re not, but you probably should be.

The NFL is traditionally a guessing game. The guessing is actually part of the tradition. That’s gambling is called an addiction. It works out sometimes, but not others. Seriously, we all watched Two For The Money, so how did nobody seem to grasp the main thrust of that film?

The whole reason for the NFL’s excitement and hook is that it’s capable of shocking us. We know this. It’s actually why we watch it. And yet, we’re surprised by its surprises?

We knew Jay Cutler would get beat up again by the Packers. If you watched Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson in Week 1, you knew that their few mistakes masked what were otherwise flashes of brilliance.

Luck, for his part, threw for over 300 yards against an uber-stingy Bears defense in Week 1, while Russell Wilson’s receivers dropped three surefire touchdowns in the last 50 seconds of play against the Arizona Cardinals – the same team that shocked New England in Week 2.

The Seahawks lost by four points. Four. If Russ’s wideouts catch just one of those three drops (two were by Braylon Edwards), then he’s a hero.

So, yes, the writing is always on the wall.