Another One Bites The Dust: Brian Butterfield Leaves Blue Jays for BoSox

And so, the purge continues.

In a world where traitors and spies are as commonplace as a World War II bunker, the Boston Red Sox are making it look like an act of valor. On Tuesday, Boston signed away 11-year Blue Jays third base coach Brian Butterfield, who now gets the same job in Beantown. The Sox also took Jays manager John Farrell and their first base coach, Tony Lovullo.

(*And, no, not this Brian Butterfield.)

Of course, this might not be as cut-and-dry as appears. Calm down, V for Vendetta. There are no conspirators here.

Alex Anthopoulos is scrambling to find a new manager, even though he hints the opposite. Sandy Alomar Jr. Ozzie Guillen. Himself? The choices seem rather thing or, at least, straw-grasping-ish.

According to TSN, Butterfield was a one-time candidate for the Jays now-vacant managerial position. Maybe he wanted it. Maybe Toronto wouldn’t give it to him. Maybe he just likes John Farrell that much.

Or, maybe Bob McCown is wrong. It would be a first.

(*I mean, that Jose Bautista video at the top is literally the only video of relevance on ESPN’s YouTube channel.)

Either way, here’s how rationale and The National Post are seeing it:

“He has been in baseball for 34 years as a player, coach and minor-league manager. He lives in Orono, Maine, a two-hour drive to Boston.

“After Farrell left, general manager Alex Anthopoulos said he had given all of the Jays’ coaches permission to listen to other offers. All were on one-year contracts.

“Anthopoulos said he hoped some of the 2012 coaching staff might return, but it appears likely that the new manager will bring in his own coaches.”

Oh. So, Boston… just a coincidence?

Again, one-year contracts and permission to speak to other teams and a 34-year career that wasn’t being fully appreciated and a two-hour drive to Boston and… well, really, this just makes since for Butterfield.