Anne of Green Gables vs. The Red Shoe Diaries


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


READ: “Anne of Green Gables Fans Blast New Blond Version” — The Toronto Star (Feb. 7, 2013)


Do you remember The Red Shoe Diaries?

If you’re a man now, you do. You remember it from your childhood, when you would have touched your dick for anything that looked like two airy orbs squished together. (Really, you haven’t changed much.) You remember seeing David Duchovny in an off-brown — some would say khaki — trenchcoat, walking along some pier or waterfront marina at midnight with his dog, and he’d read letters from young women who’d tell him all about their sexual fantasies, desire, and — most often — experiences. You’d see titties and butt. You’d see sex blow j’s. You’d see everything but the penis going in.

Here’s the official synopsis from

“Jake yearns to understand the secret life of his late fiancee. To find the answer, he solicits the most heartfelt, passionate, and intimate entries in other women’s diaries. These are their stories…”

It was premiere masturbatory material for the 13 and 14-year-old we all have once been, and all you had to do was wait up until 11:30 p.m.

Your parents would never be up that late and, even then, did they really knew you had found the porn yet? Did they know you were already heading down that road?

The Red Shoe Diaries was our first fling with Duchovny’s now-famous alter go, Hank Moody, the sex-addicted writer he plays on Showtime’s Californication.

Red Shoe was also the next thing you found to stimulate you Mini Johnson after you outgrew the Sears catalogue your Mom would get in the mail every Christmas. That baby was your go-to. Your haven. You’d read it with a pillow on top of your lap so nobody else would see what was really happening to you.

Now, of course, those little cheeky, generic-type model photos are everywhere. Just “Google” hot girl bikini and you’ll see every breast size, every ass angle, and every hair colour you could ever want — whether you’re eight years old or 25, like myself.

I’ve never read Anne of Green Gables, but it appears we can add it to the collection:

New Anne of Green Gables Cover -

Anne of Green Gables New Cover - Ass of Green Gables -


*YouTube doesn’t allow me to show you the nudity I’d like to, but just picture the scene below with a lot of sex and a lot of David Duchovny…


Images from Red Shoe Diaries 

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