Anibal Sanchez is Apparently Worth $80 Million

What do you do if your team is located in the cautionary tale of post-2008 America, you’ve just blown another World Series appearance to an unlikely National League powerhouse, and the Anaheim Angels — the team that finished with a better record than you but still missed the playoffs because of the Texas Rangers — purged said Rangers of their most valued piece and ballooned their already inflated budget to $160 million, the kind of money that makes you just even more depressed that you live in Detroit?

Well, you sign Anibal Sanchez for $80 million.

No knock to Sanchez, but he’s not even C.J. Wilson. And, that was a mistake, too. Sanchez went 9-13 for the Tigers and the Marlins last year. He was great in the playoffs, until everyone on Detroit suddenly wasn’t when it counted. He was one of the better pitching prizes on this winter’s Free Agent market.

But, is he worth $80 million?


“How the Anibal Sanchez Signing Affects the Toronto Blue Jays” —¬†The Bleacher Report/L.A. Times (October 14, 2012)


Sure, Detroit beat Oakland in the Divisional Round, but they apparently think that’s an excuse to spend more and more and more. Instead of investigating the reason¬†why teams like the A’s and the Rays (rhyme time, take a shot!) are able to compete so easily with teams carrying triple the financial load, the Tigers have decided to chase Anaheim down the path of over-leverage and loneliness.

It’s ironic, because Michigan and California should know a thing or two about over-valuing assets.

Anibal Sanchez will deliver, in his own way. But, the Tigers need to ask themselves some questions: Have we improved? Have we helped ourselves? When is enough enough?