Andy Reid: Michael Vick is Still the Philadelphia Eagles’ Starting Quarterback

So, Michael Vick is still the top dog in Philadelphia. This week, at least.

Two years ago, Vick was the consensus leader of the NFL’s newest “Dream Team”. Now, his coach has to publicly state whether or not he’s the starter, and whether or not he’s the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012.

“Three people familiar with the decision (said)… that coach Andy Reid hasn’t benched Vick,” wrote the Associated Press. “The people spoke on condition of anonymity because all announcements about the starting lineup come from Reid. The Eagles’ headquarters was closed Monday due to Superstorm Sandy, and there was no media availability.”

For Vick’s he had “led” Philly to a 3-4 record and a whole lot of fumbles. As brilliant as he can be, that hasn’t overshadowed how self-destructive he too often is. Of course, if anyone has proven us wrong time and time again, it’s Vick. His once-in-a-lifetime natural skill combined with his candor and intelligence makes him a threat anytime he’s on the football field.

It’s why the Eagles will always be a tough out, no matter the week or their record. It’s also why, however, they’re currently 3-4.


“Andy Reid is a Good Guy. Is he a Good Coach?” – White Cover Magazine (October 16, 2012)


“Reid didn’t endorse Vick after Sunday’s 30-17 loss to Atlanta, saying he’s going to evaluate all his starters. Vick then said he would support whatever decision Reid makes.”

Meanwhile, former Eagles starter Kevin Kolb – who was usurped by Vick in 2010 – is even less healthy as the Arizona Cardinals stumble to an unimpressive and predictable 4-4 record.