American Miracle Man Mike Eruzione is Selling his 1980 Jersey


by Puck

Hockey Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Team USA hero Mike Eruzione is selling his “Miracle on Ice” jersey, and the tunic should fetch at least $1 million. The all-time hockey memorabilia record was set in 2010 by Paul Henderson’s 1972 Summit Series jersey, which went for $1.2 million.

Both Eruzione and Henderson upped the price of their jersey in victories over the Soviet Union. Eruzione scored the game-winner in the 1980 Winter Olympics ice hockey semi-final in Lake Placid, New York, while Henderson scored the winner in Game 8 of the ’72 series in Russia.

For full coverage of the story itself, ESPN’s John Buccigross had an exclusive interview (yeah, exclusive) with Eruzione.

Here’s a little peek:

Bucci: Why are you doing this?

Eruzione: It’s something I’ve thought about for the last couple of years after hearing Paul Henderson sold his jersey from the 1972 Summit Series for $1.2 million. When I heard that, I thought, “Wow, what a great opportunity this is to sell my memorabilia and give some money back to my family, my kids, my grandson.” I’ve got some ideas with what I want to do with the money. I will be more specific closer to the auction. Fortunately, I don’t need the money to help me. I’ve done very well over the last 32 years and hopefully will continually do well in the future with appearances. I’m not broke! I’m not doing this for my own purpose or gain; in fact, it’s not for my purpose at all. I think I can do a lot of good for others with what I get.



Team USA Mike Eruzione Jersey Selling

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