AJ McCarron’s Girlfriend Gets Caught by Brent Musburger’s Wandering eye

AJ McCarrons Girlfriend - Brent Musberger


by Turf Albert

Chief Football Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


The BCS Championship isn’t over yet, but it’s basically over. (Alabama leads 21-0 and it really doesn’t matter how much time is left.)

Still, nobody cares about football anymore, and that’s probably because Brent Musburger’s older man complex allowed us five seconds of grace while ESPN’s camera crews stared at AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb.

We didn’t hear FAP FAP FAP over Brent’s microphone, so we’ll assume he only suffered asphyxia and nothing else.

Suddenly, “AJ McCarrons” is trending on Twitter, just ahead of “Brent Musburger”. You can’t refresh the page without reading something new about the girl, even if it’s from NBC News’s chief political news hound, Chuck Todd:

Chuck Todd AJ McCarrons girlfriend Brent Musberger - Twitter.com

Still, Webb ain’t the first college bunny to be caught and fawned over during a national televised football game.

Here are the rest, from my personal memory bank. No, not that bank… Sickos.


Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend

*The TV personality was sniped in the stands with McCoy’s mom while Colt was with the Texas Longhorns. It’s always with the mom, isn’t it?

Rachel Glandorf Texas Longhorns

Rachel Glandorf - The Big Lead

Jenn Sterger

*Miss Sterger is now famous for being the recipient of some unfortunate photos sent by Brett Favre, but she first rose to fame as another one of Brent Musburger’s pet projects.

Jenn Sterger Florida State University

Jenn Sterger - Florida State Photo

Jenn Sterger FSU

Pamela Anderson

*Yes, Pam got her start in a tight t-shirt and a packed bleachers. She was a Labbatt Blue girl, and then became known as The Blue Zone Girl. After that, it was pit stops on a motorcycle and as Lisa on Home Improvement, and the rest is history…

You can’t plan fame, can you?

Pamela Anderson Blue Zone Girl

Pamela Anderson Motorcycle

Pamela Anderson Home Improvement


And, because she’s the girl of the moment, here are more of Ms. Webb.

(I know this all seems creepy, but she’s a model. I’m betting she’d like the exposure. Now, with Gretzky’s daughter, that’s just too far, you creep…)

These photos are from The Big Lead, so go to their website and give them the credit.

Katherine Webb Cheering GIF

Katherine Webb Cheering for Alabama

Katherine Webb Looking Up