Adrian Peterson Deserves to be the 2012 NFL MVP


by John McNeill

Midwest Wordsmith, White Cover Magazine


Running backs shouldn’t win MVPs.

Just like pitchers in baseball, goalies in hockey, or goalies in anything. Running backs are not the ones who deliver Super Bowls, and they’re not the ones who deliver playoff appearances. Right?

Except, every once in a while, some special player from any of those never-respected positions breaks the mold.

Sometimes, players have such a special year — and such an incredible year of mind-boggling, Mount Olympus-like physical prowess — that they rise above explanation. They defeat convention. They crush history or positional prejudice.

Peyton Manning has been great. Very impressive. Tom Brady has been Tom Brady, and there’s been anything wrong with being Tom Brady.

But, Adrian Peterson?

Not only did AP single-handedly deliver the Vikings a playoff spot, but he did it by himself. He did it without Percy Harvin, without an all-star quarterback, and he did it while racking up nearly 2,100 yards.

Adrian Peterson finished just nine yards back of Eric Dickerson’s single-season record for rushing yards, and he still had arguably the greatest season of any player… ever.

Think about what Peterson did, and just try to forget about even the ACL and MCL surgery he underwent last Christmas.

Every time the Vikings offence took the field, the defence knew who was getting the ball. Peterson. No doubt about it. Not only did he deliver, but he got better and better… and better.

This season, Peterson averaged 6.0 yards per carry. That’s Godly. Very Zeus-like, indeed.

In Weeks 13, 14, and 15, Peterson rushed for 210 yards, then 154 yards, and then 212 yards.

In Week 17 — with the Vikings needing a win against their arch-rival Green Bay Packers — Peterson ran for 199 yards in a game everyone knew he would take essentially every hand-off.

199 yards. And, they were desperate. The Packers knew their plan. They knew all they had to do was stop Adrian Peterson. Christian Ponder wasn’t going to beat them. Nobody else but Peterson had a chance at beating them.

And, he ran for almost 200 yards. And, the Vikings made the playoffs.

AP averaged 5.9 yards a carry on 34 attempts, and his Purple People Eaters have a rematch with the same Green Bay team this weekend.

Don’t listen to everyone who tells you his year has been more impressive because of his injury recovery. They could say the same about Manning, and it’s insulting to both of them.

Peterson’s season and Manning’s season would be MVP-worthy even if they were fully healthy.

They’ve been the best two players at their positions, and they guaranteed their teams a legitimate shot at a championship.

When Peterson’s team needed him, he came through. Not only that, but he came through unlike anyone the game has ever seen.

Some call him “Purple Jesus”, but JR Sport Brief has it better when he calls him, “The Next Stage of Human Evolution”.

Adrian Peterson is the NFL’s MVP of 2012. Hell, he’d be the MVP in any year. Unfortunately for Peyton Manning, he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He shouldn’t get to share it. Not this year.