Admit It. You Love Kaspars Daugavins, Don’t You?


by Puck

Hockey Correspondent and Occasional Shakespeare Character, White Cover Magazine


Admit it.

Kaspars Daugavins. Nail Yakupov. This Ilya Kovalchuk thing from 2001. You love all of it. You love Don Cherry, too, even if Cherry (definitely) hates all this stuff. Why? Well, because Cherry is as bombastic and outspoken and flair-driven as the Russian and European (what the hell is ‘Daugavins’ anyway?) players he so lovingly insults. Having Don Cherry hate you for being “all Frenchy or somethin'” is a rite of passage, just like having him mispronounce your name or burn your retinas with his newest tie.

If you think Daugavins turned the end of a hockey game into a farce, that’s fine. But, don’t blame him. Blame the shootout. I mean, did Harvard blame Mark Zuckerberg when crippled its servers and he exposed their lack of online security? (Yes. Yes, they did.)