About Us

White Cover Magazine is a sports features and news magazine based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Our goal is to bring you the news and the ideas that matter to us — the ones that should matter to you. This is a sports website. We’re fans. You’re fans. Let’s make love.

Of course, like any magazine, we like to blend in the outside world. So, this is also an arts website. It’s for news junkies and movie critics and television addicts.

Consider us your go-to website for couch potatoes everywhere.


Our Mandate:

We care about news. We care about journalism. And, while White Cover Magazine takes pride in being sarcastic and opinionated, we don’t want to stray from the important elements of every magazine, of every features sites, and of every news site.

If we have made mistakes, we will correct them and — please — let us know in the comments below a story or on our Facebook Page and our Twitter fall.

We are a conversational magazine, and we encourage ourselves to interact with our readers in debate and — sometimes — argument.


Our Features:

NHL / Hockey – The chosen hobby of the frozen north. And, California.

NFL / Fourth and 10 – Ah, football. There is nothing bigger and nothing better. The NFL is the Sunday Mass of the 21st Century. It’s also Thursday night’s mistress and Monday’s moneymaker.

The 2012 World Series – You wait through 162 games for a one-month span of the most intense athletics the world has to offer. There’s not much better than Major League Baseball’s race to the finish.

Footy – We’d call ourselves The Footy Show, but the pitch is where the real show is. This is just our commentary, our opinions, and our take on the most international of international hobbies.

Plastic Tees – Why is golf so great? There’s just something about hitting low irons into far-off greens on a hot day in the world’s most tropical locations (and Scotland) that is just so arousing. Tiger Woods. Rory McIlroy. The Ryder Cup. It’s all here for you.

Our Guide to Sportswriting – It’s a skill that everyone should know, and nobody can master. It requires simplicity, but an understanding of the complex. Sportswriting is far from an explainable skill. But, we can try.

Which Uniform Should You Buy? – Think fashion and your evening beer all rolled into one. We take through the hottest trends (well, threads) that could be sweeping a living room near you.


Entertainment and Lifestyle:

Belated Film Reviews – We take great pride in our taste in movies. However, we don’t always get around to them right away. That’s why we want to bring you our Movie Reviews and we want to bring them to you just before they’ve been forgotten. Timeliness isn’t everything.

Trailer Reviews – They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. It’s rediculous. But, we have to judge movies by their Trailers. They’re almost more important than the actual movie now. There’s a reason why.


News and Politics:

Website of the Day – Self-explanatory. Some sites just do a fantastic job of bringing us what everyone else should. Whether they’re an all-star YouTube channel, a Tunisian news agency, or brand new online magazines, this is our take on the lot.

Is This News? – The news picks itself apart like a vulture. And, like any good vegan, it often spits itself back out. Sometimes, the news wraps itself in its own riddle. We try to point out the absurdity of it all.

Politics – Like every casual citizen of the world, politics is something we just put up with. Unfortunately, it’s also great Reality TV. So, we have to watch it. And, we’ll admit we enjoy it.

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