About our Cover Photo, If It Wasn’t Obvious Enough…


by Chesapeake Charlie

Annapolis Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


It’s no secret, and I don’t think it’s special, but I did want to give some credit to the kind-of-anonymous Internet wunderkind who created it.

Of course, we took a Fenway Park photo from Etsy and ‘Keynoted‘ it a little bit.

Here’s the original photo below:

Fenway Park on Etsy

And, here’s the listing on Etsy, created by user Stephanie Rose from Plymouth, Massachusetts.

It’s available for $4.00 USD ($4.22 Cdn).

“For those Red Sox fans…this card features the Fenway Park press box with the Championship pennants, and the Fenway Park sign,” writes Rose. “The American flag and the POW-MIA flag are flying.”