A Look Back to the Last Time the New York Knicks Were Cool

John Starks - 30 for 30 - Winning TIme


“From that point on, I made it a mission: I’m gonna embarrass this kid.”

                    -Reggie Miller, on John Starks not shaking his hand


There was no Carmelo Anthony. No Linsanity. No ridiculous owner or the awful Isiah Thomas. They didn’t win. It was 1995. It bled over from the Rangers’ Stanley Cup win, and a few good years of Giants football. There was John Starks. Patrick Ewing. Jordan was out there like a foreign invader and — when he wasn’t — Hakeem Olaujuwon and the Houston Rockets took his place.

The Knicks weren’t winners. Neither was Reggie Miller. But, they had battles.

Of all ESPN’s “30 for 30” shows, Winning Time gets the award for Best Intro. The Sicilian opera sound in the background. The accurate depiction of Indiana and New York and Sodom and Gomorrah.

It’s beautiful.

That word hasn’t been applied to the Knicks in some time.