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Website of the Day: VICE Magazine’s Videos, Mexican Motorcycle Tours, and Recreational Drug Use

Vice is well known to most. It’s all about social commentary from the subculture of your culture, and it’s all about fresh reviews of daily life from the opinion of a few headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. (Brooklyn is either of the home of hipster artists or Dan Humphrey. *Your call.)

So, why is it the Website of the Day? After all, it’s probably better to highlight sites that are less known, like Tunisia Live or RareInk. But, Vice is here for a different reason, and one you should pay attention to: its videos.

Like every online “publication” with a brain, Vice has fully and completely invested itself in the multimedia movement. It’s already big, of course, but it’s only getting bigger, and the magazine is fully equipped to ride that wave to even greater levels of stardom.

(Currently, their stardom includes almost breaking Anonymous’s leaking of Amanda Todd assumed stalker and a less-than-favourable portrayal in 2010’s Page One: A Year Inside the ‘New York Times’.)

Here is a sample:

“Fireworks and Freedom in Mexico: Doin’ It Baja (Part 2 of 8)”

*Where could be better?

“Tripping on Hallucinogenic Tree Frogs (Part 1 of 3)”

*Doing Kermit.

“Westminster Dog Show… on Acid!”

*The exclamation mark in the title is weak, but the idea is genius…