Website of the Day: and the NBA’s New Artist Collection

by Kolby Solinsky
Editor, White Cover Magazine


Through good times and bad, the NBA has always led the sports world in this new term used to describe an old phenomenon known as swag. Ah yes, the courage to wear Russell Westbrook’s Steve Urkel garb and the skill and smoothness of Russell Westbrook’s Jaleel White-like game.

Swag is everywhere, and the NBA continues to lead the way. It’s the only sport where the athlete go to work in beach wear, and the only sport where Walt Frazier can spend nights before championship games on the Harlem strip with a Rolls Royce. Because, after all, this is basketball. It’s as important to be social as it is to be Supa Fly.
Where am I going with this? Well, I’m trying to lead you to, White Cover‘s Website of the Day (*an award completely invented by us).

Full disclosure… yes, we are making an effort to promote this page. But, we wouldn’t be doing so if we had a reason to promote it.
That reason being this: it’s got sick stuff. It’s why we gave it the status of our Website of the Day, not “Advertorial”.
Whether you want a vintage print of Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan, or something along the lines of Oklahoma City’s cool or the revamped Golden State Warriors, is bringing the funk and the vintage-incredibleness of the NBA to the art world.
It’s not surprise that yesterday – Mondaythe NBA announced a partnership with RareInk, which should ensure the site’s valiant efforts don’t go unrewarded, or unappreciated.
“The goal of (our) artwork is to capture the excitement and action of the NBA in a uniquely artistic way,” said RareInk CEO Tim Muret, in a press release. “Fans can shape the future of the RareInk collection by voting for their favourite players and moments to be featured as art pieces.”
(*If you’re wondering why I’m spelling it favourite, this is a Canadian website. Hey, we can’t forget where we come from, right?)
Therein lies the secret to RareInk’s uniqueness you may have been wondering about.
On the surface, the site is just another canvas of gorgeous, artist-submitted photos. They’re all worth the look, but are they worth the time?

Are there any other sellers out there that can offer the same product?

But, the answer, of course, is no. Fans can submit their ideas and their favourite (there’s that ‘u’ again) players and teams to RareInk and they will use submissions and the brightest bulbs to expand their collection. And, because the NBA’s involved, you know it will be kicked up a notch. You know the quality will be there because, hey, it has to be.
Add to that the fact that Brooklyn now has a team and Jay Z is officially an (interested) owner, and RareInk should have no shortage of inspiration or encouragement.

Oh yeah… and Ice Cube approves, as well.

*More information can be on today’s Website of the Day:
CEO: Tim Muret
Location: Carlsbad, California
Artwork ranges from $69 to $109 for paper prints, and $109 to $199 for stretched canvases.
Each piece is hand-numbered and limited edition, with release numbers ranging from 100 to 250.

Here are our favourites:

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