Website of the Day: Manchester City’s Video Page, CityTV

Few organizations get this stuff right. With sports, it’s worse. With soccer teams, it’s arguably atrocious. There exists a film of glamour around the sports world and the Barclay’s Premiership, but that’s due to the veneer of cameras, birds, and money. It’s not because soccer teams are getting it right, or because its players truly understand the 24-hour news cycle.

Athletes aren’t actually funny, but they get a response on Twitter because they’re famous and they appear constantly plugged in. Their thick heads and personalities are mistaken for playfulness and joy, due to their reach and global appeal. It masks their real faults and their inability. It’s why they spend money so fast, go broke, and get divorced.

This is a very round-about way of saying that Manchester City FC is doing something right. It’s video page. CityTV.

The Premiership champion uses it video pages – and all its social media applications, really – like they should be. They connect you to its players.

Take for example their new Facebook app, called City Stickers, which gives fans the ability to swap MCFC players’ faces with their own. The general idea and its benefits are small and shallow, but City’s front office busboys speak with more authority and clarity than their competitors.

“MC marketing chief Julian Pate said that they recognize fans wish to get close to the players, but they thought it would be enjoyable to take that one step forward and let fans get the chance to turn out to be their favourite players, or at least see how they would look if they were players,” reports Property Mentor Group. “He said the app was particularly for anyone who ever imagined or dreamt of what it would be like to be a City star. City’s marketing and digital team was the one to devise the app.”

That’s all commercial dribble, but the club has shown an uncanny knack for growing its digital footprint, and it’s video page takes you one step further.

It gives you Liam Gallagher. And, Noel Gallagher. And, of course, Mario Balotelli.

And, that teal blue is just gorgeous.

It’s why CityTV is our Website of the Day.