Preppy Sports: Team USA Capsizes Catamaran During America’s Cup Trial Run

Don’t worry. This boat only cost $10 million.

Sorry for that “WE ARE THE 99 PER CENT!”-like intro. On Tuesday, Team USA capsized in what is a now-much-talked-about and spectacular crash in San Francisco Bay. Unfortunately — and, as with most waterborne crashed that occur during practice runs — we only have footage of the wreckage and its Titanic-like final breath.

(*A final breath in boat speak is when the hull and mast finally crack in the water and the damn thing submerges like a Blue Whale after a near-fatal attack from a seagull.)

Team USA was preparing for its run in next year’s 2013 America’s Cup. They are the defending champions. They also couldn’t have picked a better spot to wreck — right between the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. (*Ironically, more suicides have occurred at the Bridge.)

Next year’s America’s Cup kicks off on September 7.

Team USA said they will be well prepped for the event, even though this particular AC72 Catamaran was only one of their two boats.

“We’ve been pushing the boat all the time and every day we go out we’re pushing it more and more,” said tactician Tom Slingsby to USA Today. “We found our limit today.”

Apparently, homeboy and his crew were trying to turn away from a 12 mph wind that was blowing off the San Fran coast. And, no, it wasn’t caused by a queef from Sean Parker.