Sportsnet’s Bob McCown: “I’d Rather Be In Toronto”

The following is Sportsnet’s Prime Time Sports radio host Bob McCown on September 7, discussing John Farrell’s then-speculated exodus to the Boston Red Sox. In McCown’s well-worded, calmed outburst, he says he doesn’t think Boston is even a step-up from Toronto, baseball-wise.

“Based on what I’ve seen over the last few months, I’d rather be in Toronto.”

(His co-hosts Damien Cox and Stephen Brunt look at him and away in awkward disbelief, or something like it.)

“I like Boston plenty. I get wanting to be the manager of the Boston Red Sox two years ago. Today? No thank you. That… that organization is screwed for years. That is a long rebuild there, even if they spend money. They got huge problems. I think the Blue Jays — in the foreseeable future — have a much better organization with much greater upside.”

McCown’s points is valid, and more-than-likely correct. Obviously, Farrell is under the guise that Boston is the place every manager should want to be, but he’s kind of like a 50-year-old newspaper man thinking his future is still in print.

The Blue Jays may not be the¬†answer, but they’re better than Boston, and his general manager has yet to make a wrong move.

Would Buck Showalter go back to New York if they asked him? Not while his Orioles are around.

Do you agree?