Will the National League Win Another World Series?

We have to talk about baseball this morning — Monday morning. As is expected — and, perhaps, rightfully so — the New York Yankees take up a lot of ink and a lot of air time. And, as their last opponents, the Detroit Tigers do, too. Oh, the mighty Yankees were shut down and wouldn’t you know, it was at the hands of the Tigers’ pitching staff. Why, these guys also have Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder just waiting in the wings. My God… the Detroit Tigers are amazing!

But, is that too fast for quick?

After all, the St. Louis Cardinals are the defending World Series champions. And, what about their opponents? The San Francisco Giants. On Sunday, they beat said Cardinals 6-1 to force a Game 7. They’ll throw Matt Cain onto the hill, and they have the National League MVP-in-waiting, Buster Posey, swinging one of those light brown bats that matches their beautiful, coffee cream-coloured jerseys.

The Giants have now come back to force a deciding game after being down by two games in both their 2012 playoff series. Jesus Christ… the San Francisco Giants are incredible!

But, wait… the Cardinals are the defending World Series champions. That needs re-stating. And, they did come back from a 6-0 hole in their decisive Game 5 against Washington to slap that young and silly Nationals team around in their first time in The Show.

They also added Carlos Beltran — a playoff megamind — in their quest, aiding a still-dominant Chris Carpenter and a more-than-mighty Adam Wainwright, among others. And, David Freese is kicking around, just in case you needed a hit in the bottom of the 9th, or 10th, or 11.

Oh, boy. The St. Louis Cardinals. Two-time, TWO-TIME World Series champions?

Either way, maybe the National League deserves the credit it’s yet to have. This is not a new theory, but it’s so obvious and still so neglected. It’s mentioned once or twice, but not taken seriously. It’s like those people who say, “Is this the Yankees’ loss, or is it the Tigers’ win?” and then go right back to talking about Alex Rodriguez.

No. This debate needs some weight.

Who knows what will happen when the Tigers meet one of these two October-loving juggernauts?

But, it’s clear that your World Series favourite is going to come out of a Game 7.