Samuel L. Jackson for Obama: Attack Ad or Political Heavyweight?

It’s been called a “vulgar Dr. Seuss.”

That coming from YouTube uploader todayepicvideos, who posted Samuel L. Jackson’s now-more-popular-than-it-was-one-day-ago political ad for Barack Obama. The video fuses Jackson’s trademark “Motherfu*ker!” and his aggressive style of face-to-face conflict (“That’s that Hawaiian burger joint?”). Barack Obama appears to finally have a Hollywood heavyweight in his corner as the 2012 election enters its final stages.

This blog has never been political, but it aims to at least point out the criss-crossing worlds of politics and pop culture. And, sometimes, there isn’t a difference. Jackson’s video is extremely pointed in its view of Romney and Ryan, but it also reads like he’s just trying to even the playing field.

Some have called it a political ad for Barack Obama (*see below). Really, it could just as easily be called an attack ad (*see below).

After all, how can you compete with the guy who called Jack Nicklaus the greatest athlete of the 20th century, or the guy who compared the President to a replacement referee?

You can’t, but Jackson will try.


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