Butch Cassidy and the Obama Kid: Redford Supports Barack. Shock. Awe.

Wouldn’t that work, for a movie title and all?

In case there was any doubt about it, Robert Redford announced — via his blog on The Huffington Post, which ranks just below Kolby Solinsky’s — that he was supporting President Barack Obama. Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Redford’s title on his account is “Actor, director, and environmental activist”. I don’t see too many of them supporting Bain Capital or its control over Gotham City.

Redford’s words, though, should be noticed for what they are. And, they should just generally be noticed. Not because he’s a celebrity, but because Redford has spent as much time as anybody surfing the slopes of his country and sketching them.

“In this election, only President Obama shares those values and the belief that our kids and grandkids should grow up with living, natural places to explore. Yosemite, the Great Lakes and the Everglades should always be places we can visit and wonders that inspire — not just photos of what used to be.”

In short, support Obama and you’ll have better family photos. But, really, Redford is the man whose movies had spanned almost every idyllic peak in America. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, with a little Bolivia mixed in. A River Runs Through It. Even Spy Game¬†showed off the scenery of Europe. Oh, no… Communists…

Redford goes on to remind us that Obama signed one of the largest expansions of wilderness protection in a generation, with two million acres blocked off from any kind of human interference.

“The President has set historic standards that by 2025 will double the distance our cars and trucks will be able to go on a tank of gas, reducing our reliance on foreign oil by 2.2 million barrels per day and saving each of us thousands of dollars at the pump.”

Oh. There’s the hook. That’s the sinker. Why wasn’t that at the top?

Americans have been so worried for so long about gas prices and about how Obama is single-handedly ratcheting up their dollars per gallon, even though Canadians are still crossing their own border to fill up in Washington, North Dakota, and New York. Because, hey, it’s still $20 cheaper per tank for the Yankees than it is for the Canucks.

This article may have sounded sarcastic, but it’s not. Sure, it was poking a little fun at Redford for originally stating that Obama should be re-elected because his policies restore the inspirations of Ansel Adams, but that’s a fault of his writing and his structure, not his eventual argument.

“He made the single largest investment in clean energy of any other president,” continued Redford. “While President Obama is moving us forward, Mitt Romney would take us back. He’d roll back every step of progress we’ve made — not just in the last four years, but the last 40 years.”

Well said, Rob.

And, as long as the Republican Party is wheeling out a seemingly dying Man With No Name to yell at your furniture, consider yourselves lucky — America — that you have an intelligent guy with a real argument on the other side.