Should Robert Griffin III Really Be Playing This Sunday?

Robert Griffin III wants to play, and it appears he’ll get his way.

After all, he’s RGIII. Really. Can you stop him? Mike Shanahan says it’s so far, so good. The Redskins have their starting quarterback in the lineup, and – OH BOY – you’ve just got to love the heart on that kid, hey? What a gamer. He just loves football so much. He just wants to give his all to his team.

Only, Robert Griffin III is a kid. He doesn’t know what’s best for him. And, Mike Shanahan. He was created from two charred metal sticks in the embers of Mount Doom. He’s a hard-nosed traditionalist, through-and-through. He comes from the world of John Elway and the classic, NFL Films-based quarterback.

If the Washington Redskins have any sense, they will listen to their intellect and not their heart. They should not start Robert Griffin III this Sunday.

We’re entering a new era, where concussions are the most serious injury you can sustain and rightly so. You have players forced to sit out because they can’t remember where they were five minutes ago, and you have them getting upset about it because they want to be heroes and finish the game with their teammates.

Everyone wants to be a hero. Right?

Except, of course, when they retire and launch a massive lawsuit against the NFL because they weren’t able to make it to their fridge that morning. Except when you’re a suffering dementia victim like Alex Karras, who died today at the age of 77 (RIP). Except when you’re Jim McMahon on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and they joke that they meet new people they already knew every day.

Robert Griffin III wants to play. We get it. It’s his job, and he loves his job. And, after only five weeks of employment, he loves his teammates. We get it.

But, the last guy who should be deciding if RGIII gets to play is RGIII.