Letterman: President Obama Can’t Yell Properly Anymore

Clearly, President Obama’s problems right now (as in, Wednesday) pale in comparison to candidate Romney’s. Obama has to worry about whether his lapels are symmetrical, or whether the flap on his jacket is slightly wrinkled. Romney, meanwhile, has to pick cardigans that doesn’t make him look like he shamed his dog into killing itself, and Tumblrs are comparing his wife to Plant from Arrested Development.

So, yeah. Obama‘s cruising.

That said, the President looked good on Letterman, on Tuesday night. (Not “Clinton good”, but good.) He looked composed. His trademark “thoughtful stutter” was in full flight, and he’s developed this nice trademark of raising his voice when he tells jokes. His opening line, “We’re going to keep it that way” became “WE’RE GOING TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!” He’s kind of Orlando Bloom’d in that way.