Preppy Sports: The Quidditch World Cup?

by Kolby Solinsky
Editor, White Cover Magazine


J.K. Rowling’s appearance on The Daily Show on Tuesday led Mr. Stewart to show the world’s only female billionaire author (easy, E.L. James) clips from local games of Quidditch going on around New York City.

(*Flying not included.)

Grab your USC Trojans scarf, throw on your grandfather’s quail hunting boots, cut open your forehead and leave the wound open so it can heal improperly approximately 11 years before gametime, and you’re an automatic entry into the vast Jenga-ish apparatus of a strategic game that is Harry Potter’s favourite sport.

Better yet, universities have discovered that some of them even resemble the houses of Hogwarts, and that’s why we have the video above: The Quidditch World Cup.

And, what better place to hold it than the Muggle haven of all Muggle havens (yes, I capitalized Muggle)… New Jack City.

By the way, the University of Maryland would make an excellent Hufflepuff.

The Quidditch World Cup is located on Randall’s Island, a little prison-like contraption between Harlam and Brooklyn. It also hosts the New York Rugby 7s tournament every year. We fail to see the difference between the two sports.

“The International Quidditch Association, In.c is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to governing the sport of quidditch and inspiring young people to lead physically active and socially engaged lives,” reads the World Cup website.

Well, gee, since when is magic non-profit?

“Quidditch was founded in the spirit of experimenting with new ideas and daring to participate in an unproven and often unpopular activity,” it continues. “We are born into a pre-fabricated world, and innovation along with the courage to share those ideas is essential for inspiring the next generation of leaders. Quidditch demands creative solutions every day to assemble a team and equipment, raise money, design uniforms and iconography, and plan events.”

We know what you’re thinking and, yes… they’re hiring.