PHOTO: Joe Biden Had a Grand Old Time Debating Paul Ryan

by Kolby Solinsky
Editor – White Cover Magazine


If the above photo doesn’t perfectly describe Thursday night’s inaugural — and only — Vice Presidential debate, I don’t know what does.

Joe Biden spent his day as the receiver of a trending Twitter hashtag, #JoeBidenMovies (mine was “Django Chained”). Then, he spent his night dismantling Paul Ryan’s steely, robustly Christian physique. At least, in his mind, he did. Biden looked calm and overly jubilant alongside the younger Ryan. I wouldn’t have been shocked to see him pull out a switch and bend him over his knee, although he did use the word “mularkey”, so… take that as you will.

American politics is immune to opinion or logic because it often becomes nothing more than a partisan platform of bickering, grandstanding, and broken promises. That’s as much the fault of those on stage as it is of the viewers, readers, and voters.

But, at least Biden got caught up in the moment. At least he did his best to shut Ryan down on his points, be they accurate or not. He generally seemed annoyed and fed up with whatever selling points had been lobbed over the walls from the other sides, and he stood up for himself and his running mate.

That’s politics, regardless of whether you give money to the Donkeys or the Elephants.

“Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate was one of the best and meatiest political conversations in many years, showing that real differences on public policy can be discussed with fervor, anger, laughter and real substance,” wrote The New York Times‘s editorial crew.

“If the two men fought to a draw — as conflicting post-debate polls seems to suggest — that counts as a win for Biden and his boss, Democratic President Barack Obama, who needed to stop the bleeding after his lackluster debate performance last week against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney,” wrote The National Post‘s Andy Sullivan.

“Biden’s aggressive performance is sure to cheer Democratic partisans who worried that their side wasn’t fighting with enough passion. It also could have been a preview of Obama’s approach
(for next) Tuesday in his second debate against Romney.”

Of course, Bill O’Reilly had a different take. No, not that Bill O’Reilly. The other one… from Newsday. Oh, you haven’t heard of him?

“Joe Biden blew it,” he wrote. “But it’s going to take a few days for that to become clear. For all the energy the vice president showed at the Kentucky debate — and God knows his ticket needed it — his Saturday Night Live-skit performance Thursday night obscured anything of substance said on stage.”

You know what? Skip the middle man. Let Joe Biden know what you thought of him, yourself.