Are You Insulted By The NHLPA’s “Fan” Video?

The reason why fan-made videos are loved is that they are fan-made. Not, made for the fans. Not, made to look like its by the fans. But, made by fans. Its why this one by Janne Makkonen got so much praise, and the one above is being spit on like it’s Jane Fonda.

It’s why home movies must be shot at home, and not by professionals. It’s why whenever your friend with a photography diploma from a liberal arts college shows up at your kid’s fifth birthday party to shoot the whole, add some effects, and put it on Facebook or their own website, you brush them off.

“We already have one clown here, thank you very much.”

This sounds obvious, but it’s not to everybody, and it’s why reaction has been mixed – or downright violent – to the latest appeal by the NHLPA, in which Sidney Crosby, David Backes, and James Reimer (among others) tell the fans, essentially, “It’s okay! We’re on your side! We all love the game! TIMBITS HOCKEY!”

It doesn’t help that most people don’t like hearing excuses from millionaires, and it’s what makes insincere or inauthentic pleas seem hollow, shallow, and… insulting.

And so, whether you side with the players or the owners, one thought appears to be shared: stop crying to us about it.

from John Colgan:

“I’ve emailed the Blackhawks and notified them I will not renevw next year. Hope it was worth it. There are other sports. There are other leagues… In a recession, you are complaining about 15% increases in pay year after year. Really. If you wanted to play you would be playing.”

from hky187:

“I think they spent more time on this video than they did talking about an agreement.”

from GoHabsGo60:

“This video makes me want to vomit… If you love the game so much, take a small pay cut and keep playing. Don’t make a “poor me” video.”

from TheWls33:

“Am I the only person who finds this video absolutely insulting? Stop playing the pitt card, get into a room and hammer out a deal. Also, stop jumping ship to Europe and stealing other players’ jobs just because you want $100 million instead of $95 million. Take your stupid video and beat it.”

So, there you go. People were more impressed by Powder.