50 Shades of Maybe: NHL Offers a 50/50 Revenue Share

If you were enjoying this little NHL lockout slash dispute slash How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, chances are you won’t like today’s news. If you were enjoying being able to spend time with your friends without hating the television, or getting more work done, or just being happy about your day without having to set your pre-panic alarm for 7 p.m. that night, today’s update will come as a bummer.

The NHL, Golem, and Mr. Clean have announced that they and their 30 owners have offered the NHLPA a 50-50 revenue split, as well as an opening day for the full 82-game 2012/13 season set for November 2.

This offer dramatically shifts the landscape of these negotiations. While that 50/50 share is still seven per cent less than the 57-42 share the players currently enjoy – and while NHLers have been complaining for over two months now that they don’t want a wage decrease in light of the league’s ballooning overall revenue – the owners have taken the dramatic and well-advised step of putting their new strategy in front of fans, media, and all to see.

They have entered the circus as the Elephant, not the trainer with the cattle prod.

The players, now, will have to do some serious PR work and fine-tuning if they wish to prolong this thing and hold out for a better deal.


It appears – to the untrained business eye – that the NHL is making the best effort of the two to get this thing solved and get us all back to not working on our real jobs. And, if you’re a hockey journalist, then sorry… your vacation is over.

It will also bring to an end the Fake Canucks Season currently being brought to you by Wyatt Arndt of The Province, as well as ESPN’s EA Sports season on their home page.

The real question here is: Why is the NHL still trying to force in 82 games?

Shouldn’t this whole Fans-Are-Irrelevant-About-The-Lockout thing be a sign to you that the season is too long as is?

Take the silver lining while you still have a chance and cut the season down.