MTV to Serve Post-Graduates with New Series “Underemployed”

Hey, North America’s Generation Y… 

Are you sick of hearing your parents – the know, the generation that was so awesome it forgot to serve its country in any real wars – complain about how you want everything right now and how you never work and how you’re spoiled beyond belief?

Are you sick of reading a blog about youth unemployment and the futility of undergrad degrees on The Huffington Post and then scrolling down to see even more people laying into you in the comments sections at the bottom, when your only fault seems to be that you are alive?

Well, it looks like you have your own new show. And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s on MTV.

You know MTV. It’s the channel that was invented by the generation before you but is now linked to you forever because 40-year-olds who go to Home Outfitters on the weekend scoff at your Twitter and your Life of Ryan and The Hills and especially Jersey Shore.

And, hey, if you ever needed a time to have a show to keep you on the couch your parents are worried you spend too much time on… it’s now.


Underemployed airs on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012.

(*Oh, and if you’re wondering who the adorable Australian girl in the video below – and above – is, her name be Michelle Ang. Learn it now.)



  1. I definitely can’t wait to see this very relevant show! I can see how many young adults, affected by this economy, will be able to relate to this topic. I’m glad someone picked up this idea. I was glad my DISH coworker suggested this show and I’m not going to miss it. I’m going to watch it during my commute with the DISH Remote Access app. I love how this app allows me to set up timers on my DVR and also watch live and recorded shows, all from my phone. It’s really convenient and saves me a ton of time.