Justin Bieber Fans Threatened With a Shank to the Neck

Scribbling love notes to Justin Bieber on the memorial for Rick Rypien? Not cool, Vancouver. Not one bit.

But, threatening those who have done so with a severe shanking? That might be less cool. Less cool.

On Wednesday night, after Justin Bieber played to a whole ton load of Beliebers at Rogers Arena, a few excited teenagers – we’ll assume they were teenagers, and we’ll assume they were girls – trotted outside and began to profess their love for Robert Redford’s more feminine hair heir. They used whatever they could, and that included Sharpie-ing the memorial for former Vancouver Canucks forward Rick Rypien, who committed suicide in the summer of 2011.

Sounds pretty low, right? Probably innocent, but low, and it offended some people.

Some even threatened those who committed the vandalism with death, and the one above was particularly graphic and specific.

There are always two sides to a story. It doesn’t mean either are worth listening to.