John Farrell: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

The Boston Red Sox introduced their old pitching coach new manager, John Farrell, on Tuesday morning, ushering in a new era of prosperity and a return to being the Yankees of Massachusetts who think they’re better than the Yankees of New York.

(*The funny thing? Only the first half of that was a joke.)

Only a few days removed from leaving his internship¬†with the Toronto Blue Jays, Farrell appeared in that famed navy blue cap with that Red R, a bastion of Irish Catholic blue collared-ness and a reminder of how evil the play “No No Nanette” was.

“Thanks and gratitude to the Toronto Blue Jays, things might not have always worked out the way we planned but I will forever be indebted,” said Big John. “The two years I spent there were invaluable.”

Oh, and don’t worry, Toronto. He understands.

“I appreciate the anger, that means there is passion from the fan base.”

Congrats, Blue Jays fans. He knows you really exist.

“But, I take exception to the thought that there was no intention to fulfill my contract.”

Honestly, John, are you surprised?

This is no different than a little kid forking and staring at his broccoli with a frown who then runs away from the table in a fit of glee when his parents tell him, “That’s okay, dear. You don’t have to eat that.”

So, again… congrats, Toronto. You’re John Farrell’s broccoli.