Dear NFC West: Welcome Back to Relevancy

Congratulations to the NFC West.

Not too long ago, in fact, only two months ago really, you were kind of a joke. You were a punch line. A VERY EASY PUNCH LINE. And, kind of a lazy one. You were in the Justin Bieber, Jersey ShoreNickelback kind of punchline.
Whenever anybody else in the NFL had nothing else to say, and didn’t know who to pick on, they chose the NFC West. And, honestly, it was fair. They chose the division of the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks – two historically powderpuff franchises who have only been to one Super Bowl each, and both lost to Pittsburgh. They chose the division of the St. Louis Rams and the San Francisco 49ers who – besides the Bay Area’s currenty resurgence – are long removed from their best years.

Everything about the NFC West just screamed cartoon. You have the bright blue and neon green Seahawks. You have the vibrant red Cardinals. You have the Rams, with their Michigan-like swirl, and the 49ers. It’s San Fran. What more do you need to say?
Only two years ago, the Seahawks became the NFL’s first-ever 7-9 division winner.

That year, of course, they beat the then-defending champion New Orleans Saints in the first round and BEASTMODE was born. #BeastMode

Everyone went crazy, but it still seemed like they were just making fun of Seattle. Like, “Wow, the Saints were so bad that the SEAHAWKS beat them!” 

It wasn’t about, “Good job Seattle!” or “Way to go, Starbucks!”

It was about New Orleans screwing up.

In that moment, the Seahawks were the NFL’s version of that autistic kid who hit six straight three pointers to win that high school basketball game.

Even this year, it’s continued. Yes, the replacement refs blew a call at the end of that one game, but give the Seahawks credit for winning that thing. They won the game, regardless of one call, and the Packers weren’t the only one of two teams to get screwed out of points that night. But, it’s Seattle. It’s easier to pick on them than Aaron Rodgers or, as I refer to him, a poor man’s Tom Brady.

Kind of Wisconsin is a poor man’s Massachusetts.



Right now, this division has three teams tied in first at 4-2. Of course, it is the NFL and these things bounce around, but it seems like folks are still adjusting or not believing that any of those teams could be a factor come playoff time. 

And, don’t forget, the Rams are at 3-3. They’re good, too.

Right now, the NFC West has more teams over .500 than the entire AFC.

And, even in that number – even though there are only two teams in the AFC with 5-1 records after 6 weeks and everyone else is 3-3 or worse – Baltimore and Houston are not dominant. They have holes.

The NFC West’s worse team is as good as the AFC East’s best team.

The Chargers are 3-2 and playing the 2-3 Broncos tonight, which means we could have 3-3 teams tied atop that division.

Again, the Packers slapped the Texans around yesterday. I would argue that Houston hasn’t faced a team with Green Bay’s capability yet but I would also remind you… Seattle beat Green Bay. San Fran beat Green Bay. Seattle beat New England. Arizona beat New England. San Fran is still – in many people’s minds – their favourite to take home the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Guys, wake up. The NFC West might just be the best division in football.