Welcome Back, President Barack Obama. Apparently?

by Kolby Solinsky
Editor, White Cover Magazine


In an effort of full disclosure, I made a conscious effort to avoid tonight’s Presidential debate. I realize that makes me unable to fully comment on the strength or the tally for either Mitt Romney or President Obama (can Republicans please refer to him by that title, please?) and I realize I have ruined the relevancy of this “column” before it even began.

But, so what?


“Fact-checking the second Presidential debate” – CBS News (Oct. 16, 2012)


Nobody who watches or comments on these things deserves the airtime or modem they have. After tonight’s apparent Return of the King-like performance from The President, Rachel Maddow looked like a gushing Elizabeth Hasselbeck on MSNBC.

“Mister Romney tonight, taking very much the same stylistic approach, hitting many of the same points, in some times the exact same language that he hit two weeks ago,” she said immediately after. “Tonight, Mitt Romney was up against a very different man.

“This was probably the best debate of Barack Obama’s career as a national politician.”

Well, yee haw, partner. Rowdy up the cattle.

And yet, after Romney’s strong showing in Debate Numero Uno, FOX News sounded like Statler and Waldorf during their emotionally charged editorial.

(*We won’t even re-print the quotes. If you’ve seen any episodes of The Daily Show in the past nine years, the absurdity was par for the course.)

No matter their opinions, either side – be they media folk or the normal voting folk – enter it looking for what they want to see. Whenever they guy delivers a shot, they put it on Twitter or fist pump, Tiger Woods-style. Whenever their guy takes a shot, they put their arms out to brace themselves, almost as if they’re in an elevator that stops too fast.

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So, I fully admit that I did not watch tonight’s debate. I fully admit that I have only read things that support The President and his performance. I also fully admit that most of those Booster Club-like comments were pre-prepared. FOX is retreating. MSNBC is lighting the wicks and yelling, “Fire in the hole!”

And, hey… I still feel more informed than them.