This Must Have Been Hard For Them: The Atlanta Falcons are No. 1 in ESPN’s Power Rankings

Power Rankings shouldn’t be allowed when there’s only one perfect team left.

Like, today, ESPN released its NFL Power Rankings for Week 7. The Atlanta Falcons are number one. Well, duh. They’re 6-0. Houston is 5-1. Baltimore is 5-1.

If anybody but Atlanta takes that cheddar, you’d have to answer for it. You’d have to explain to Atlantians (Atlantans? Georgians? Fighting dogs?) why the Falcons were dropped despite their pimple-less faces for a Ravens, or a Texans, or a 49ers. Or, a Giants, if you may…

The whole point of Power Rankings – be they ESPNs or ours – is to either give the public a temporary but fleeting sense of excitement (e.g. “Like, wow! Houston is first for the first time ever! I bet this will last a long time!”) or to entrench a belief system they already have (e.g. “San Francisco is the best team ever. EVER. They can’t lose, because they were number one to start the season.”)…

In this case, ESPN admits to you that it doesn’t really want to pick Atlanta.

“Are the Atlanta Falcons a perfect team? Not exactly, but their unblemished record carries a lot of clout here.”

Are you trying to convince us or just distance yourself from their first loss?

That sounded less enthusiastic than George Bush endorsing his own son for President.

(*And, by the way, why is Houston number two? Didn’t they just get spanked by Green Bay for, like, six touchdowns? Isn’t that kind of like being told, “I love somebody else, but you’re the best option right now”?)


ESPN’s Ashley Fox, Dan Graziano, and Mike Sando with the Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: