Around the Seawall: Nicklas Backstrom to Wear #99, Chelsea Wins, and Florida and South Carolina Mess Up the BCS

Hockey Headlines

  • Roberto Luongo will become a Toronto Maple Leaf. No, wait. He won’t. (
    • More on that: “Toronto has already made a solid offer for Luongo, and when asked about a deal to the Leafs, GM Mike Gillis said there were several assets the Buds have which can get it done.” (Jason Botchford, The Province, Sept. 22, 2012)
  • Nicklas Backstrom is channelling his inner Wayne in Russia. Odd. He looks more like Janet.
    • More on that: “My opinion, if it’s disrespectful to wear 99 in Russia, then it’s disrespectful to wear 20 in North America. #tretiak” via @TH2NSTATSGUY
    • So far, NHL players haven’t been scoring that much in the KHL — it’s a lower points league, after all — but they’ve looked absolutely dominant, in-game. So, imagine how happy Alex Ovechkin must be? (Rant Sports)
The Seventh Inning Stretch
  • The Jays and the Boston Red Sox are continuing their talks regarding current Toronto manager John Farrell. The Red Sox sorely want him and have always wanted him. Apparently, in baseball, if you want somebody but he’s another team’s property – and if you’re New York or Boston – you can just say you want him and all of a sudden it’s on the table. (, Ken Rosenthal)
The Footy Show
  • Chelsea downed Tottenham in a battle of London, on Saturday. Or, was it Sunday? That time change really screws people up. (Daily Mirror)
    • If you want Juan Mata’s personal Twitter account, so you can tell him how much you love him or hate him, it’s @JuanMata10.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 15th goal of the season. Real Madrid won. Yes, we’re still pretending they get along. (IBN Live)
The American Footy Show
  • Oregon led Arizona State 43-7 at halftime of their Thursday night showdown. Are you still willing to call them No. 3, BCS folks? (ESPN Pac-10 Blog)
  • No. 2 Florida is taking on No. 7 South Carolina. Cue the annual BCS bi*chfest in three… two… one… (Team Speed Kills, SB Nation)
back to hockey…
  • The story of how two 15-year-old kids from Winnipeg got into a fist fight and became Rowdy Roddy Piper and the Montreal Canadiens’ Cam Connor. (Tal Pinchesvky,
  • Gary Bettman admitted what you had always thought might be true. He’s human, and he’s disappointed about this labour stoppage. (Vancouver Sun)
  • Meanwhile, Bill Daly is doing his best to remind everyone that he is the Bad Cop: “Bill Daly calls out NHLPA for lying about 50/50 deal; NHL season not looking bright”. (NESN)
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